June 20, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have compiled a number of questions and responses that are frequently asked in our telephone conversations with clients. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions by using our quick and easy contact form. We love calls too – Cell: 919.749.3030,  Office: 919.494.2300

How long have you been in Business? Music And Dance Productions, Inc. has been in business for 22 years in North Carolina. We are fully insured, bonded and our DJ’s are full-time, seasoned professionals. Our DJ’s are also professional dance instructors, unique in the industry.

  1. What type of sound equipment do you use? Our equipment is top of the line. Pioneer, Denon, Toshiba Laptop computers and  JBL powered speakers. Uplighting, bubble or smoke machines and Karaoke equipment is also available upon request. Backup equipment is provided at each event.
  2. Can we bring our own music for the DJ to play? Well, YES of course you can. We encourage it! Just remember that some guests at the event may not have the same tastes as you. We can connect a cell phone or tablet to our mixing board when necessary.
  3. Will the DJ play requests? As long as the music fits the occasion and the music choice is not against the wishes of the event and wedding organizers, our DJ’s are happy to accommodate you. We have a database of over 30,000 titles and are able to connect our system to our attendees, cell phone and MP3 players for added convenience.
  4. Do you have any backup plans if something goes wrong? We have backup equipment at all of our events. Additional staff members are also available to fill in if necessary at a moments notice.
  5. What are your payment terms? We ask for a 50% retainer fee with your signed contract and the balance 10 days before the event. You can cancel your contract 30 days prior to the event and get your full refund less $50 service-administration charge.
  6. How early does the DJ arrive for an event?  We like to arrive early – typically 2.5 hours before the event.
  7. Will the DJ play overtime if needed? Our DJ’s will provide additional music entertainment to your guests if necessary. The charge is $125 per hour, each hour of overtime. Anything less than 1 hour of overtime is prorated.
  8. How far in advance should we book our event? A good rule of thumb is twelve to nine months out. We can arrange a DJ and sound equipment in as little as 24 hours, but the longer the lead time the better for you.
  9. Do I need a dance lesson? That depends on the event and the mood you want to strike. At the beginning of a wedding reception as guests are arriving and mingle and the wedding party is still in route or having there pictures taken is the perfect time for a basic 30/45 minutes swing, shag or salsa “mixer” lesson. Our DJ’s are also dance instructors! They are energetic, fun and very successful at getting people up and mixing. This is a popular option for wedding receptions, theme or singles parties.
  10. Why do I need dance extras and performers? Sometimes event organizers want to make sure guests have a good time. Dance extras are seasoned dancers who will get the night off to a great start by dancing.
  11. Do I tip the DJ? Tipping is advised if you feel the DJ has done an exceptional job. 10%-20% is generally recommended. The amount you choose is up to you.
  12. What are some good first dance, mother/son, father/daughter song choices?  Dance Music Picks.

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