December 20, 2017

Rock Your Wedding Reception with some fun ideas

Rock Your Wedding..

1. Wedding Shoe Game

This fun game has the bride and groom seated in chairs back to back. Shoes are removed so that the groom holds one of his own and one of the bride’s, and the same is done by the bride.

Your DJ or a member of the wedding party reads the questions out loud for the entire reception group to hear. In response, the couple raises the shoe of the person ( bride or groom) who the answer to the question best represents. To get your guests more involved, have them submit questions prior to the wedding reception by way of social media to a coordinator or your DJ.


2. Fun, Mixer Dance Lesson

Give the gift of dance to your guests. During the cocktail hour or after dinner, lets learn some fun, simple dance moves together. Our DJ’s are also professional dance instructors ready to get your guests up, mixing and dancing. It is so much fun and something your guests will cherish. Choose from swing, salsa, shag or your favorite line dance.




3. Name that T.V Show Game

Here’s a fun way to get the dinner started. One representative from each dinner table comes up and sits in a circle. Your dj plays several seconds of a T.V. theme song, the first person in the circle who can correctly name the T.V. show songs has there table get up and go to the buffet line.




4. Anniversary Dance

Invite all the married couples up to dance a slow song. As the dance progresses, ask the couples with the least amount of years married to exit the floor until only one or two couples remain. Recognize those couples for their many years of being married.




5. Stand Up, Sit Down Game

Break the ice with this group questionnaire game. Guests stand up when they agree with the funny question or statement the dj presents to them.





6. Music Requests and a Story Behind it.

While planning and corresponding (through social media) with your invited guests, ask them for one special song request to be played by the dj. It could be a couples 1st wedding dance song, a first date song they remember, or your friends college (fraternity, sorority party anthem song). Ask for a brief story behind the song choice. You get your guests involved, excited and you learn something about too.
Send it on to your DJ or your coordinator and your DJ will work to make this song part of the evenings mix.